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Clean Code Developer Team Lead diva-e Karlsruhe (Germany)

More About Me

Traveller through coding and technology landscapes since 1996.

Markus Kiss

I like coding software and exploring new technologies since 1996 when I wrote my first QBasic program. Nowadays, after more than 20 years, computer science and technology still fascinate me. The power of building new solutions that provide elevated customer and business value impresses me. Working with teams of nice people interested in their domains makes me glad and is one of the reasons why I like my job.


I'm a clean code developer with a broad knowledge of frameworks, architectures and tools around the Java and Web ecosystems.

I lead a team of 8 talented developers at diva-e Karlsruhe and I manage the diva-e | Tech & Insights Twitter channel including technical blog posts.

I regularly attend developer conferences and held talks at Java Forum Stuttgart, Java User Group Karlsruhe and Karlsruher Entwicklertag.

In addition, I wrote articles for Java Magazin, JavaSPEKTRUM, Java aktuell, dotnetpro and web & mobile developer.

Skills (Extract)

  • Java Web / Spring Ecosystem
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • MySQL / MSSQL / MongoDB
  • Clean Code / Extreme Programming
  • SW Architectures / Microservices
  • Scrum / Kanban

10+ years of work experience.

Starting as a self-employed developer in the early 2000's I've had the opportunity of working together with many people in different domains and software landscapes.

Work Experience

Expert Software Developer
& Team Lead

Apr 2014 - Present

diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH, Karlsruhe

Building high-performance web portals and custom cloud solutions mainly using Java Web / Spring technologies for customers such as dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG and Olympia-Verlag kicker.de. Leading a team of 8 developers and supervising the programming tests for developer candidates within the recruiting process.

Webmaster & Developer

Dec 2000 - Present

Catholic Church of Karlsruhe

Covering all the technical parts and services around the homepage of the Catholic Church of Karlsruhe. Developed the church service database that serves as a source for different consumers such as the local newspaper.

Software Developer

Oct 2012 - Mar 2014

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH, Karlsruhe

Building web-based GIS solutions (based on Cadenza Web) using Java Web frameworks such as JSF and frontend frameworks such as OpenLayers.

Software Engineer

Jun 2008 - Sep 2012

CAS Software AG, Karlsruhe

Working in the team developing the Cloud CRM solution CAS PIA. Building features around CAS PIA and the underlying CAS Open platform using different technologies, mainly Java Web / Spring Ecosystem and C# / Delphi.


Feb 2002 - Sep 2003

Markus Kiss Internet Services

Developing websites and content management systems mainly in PHP / MySQL for customers such as ASB Karlsruhe, Schuh Roth and Stadt Karlsruhe


Master of Science in Computer Science

Oct 2006 - Apr 2008

Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Focus: Software Architecture and Development Processes
Master thesis: "Design and implementation of a solution for extending enterprise software using server-side scripting"

Bachelor of Science, Dipl.-Inform. (BA)

Oct 2003 - Sep 2006

University of Cooperative Education, Karlsruhe

Diploma thesis: "Design and implementation of a web-based charting component backed by CRM data in the intranet groupware CAS teamWorks"

Where to find me

In den Weihergärten 15
76229 Karlsruhe

E-mail Me At

mail at markus-kiss.net

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Voicebox: (+49) 3212 - 12 32 775